I store my clothes in suitcases.

I store my clothes in suitcases

I was thinking about this today. why do I do this? I am so aware of the temporal nature of life. Security is not much of a concern to me; in fact, I am inherently unstable, but well able to navigate through my days despite this. This is not to say that I lack a solid living situation. Quite the contrary. Still there is a whirlwind nature in the way I live.
Maybe it comes from having grown up in teepees and caravans.

the skamokawa post

Here’s a little trip to Skamokawa, WA. For starters, it is pronounced Ska-mok-a-way. People have a tough time with that. It’s tiny village, in fact, there is one website that calls it a semi-ghost town. I feel it when I pinch myself, so I know I’m still alive (if pinches measure that sort of thing, which I doubt they do) but it’s possible that the history of this place is larger than its present.
This is the center of town, or at least where the post office lives.
skamokawa town center

And this is our fine postmistress, Luanne, and the post office cat, Shorty.
postmistress and her cat
Shorty and I are great friends. I am fond of Luanne, too.

Skamokawa itself is on a creek that feeds into the Big River, but if you head toward my house, you drive through a valley that is separated from the river by a range of hills. There are farms there, and remnants of farms. I recently spent some time photographing the interior of a house that is slowly being taken apart. I wanted to capture the layers that had been laid down (or pasted up) by the 100 years of family life in that home. It seems I was successful. Someone made this comment about this photo.
“Hi, I’m an admin for a group called photographic immortality, and we’d love to have your photo added to the group.
Love those old style bath tubs, you have given this shot photographic immortality, great shot.”
I was glad to hear it.
There are many more photos of this house to be seen here.

A flickr search of the Skamokawa tag revealed this photoset taken someone who was on one of Mark’s tours last year. I especially like this photo of Andrew in his coyote cap and buckskin leggings playing fiddle for the group.

One more house photo for you all.

mark's birthday hat

mark’s birthday hat
Uploaded by bramblescratched.

Although his birthday is weeks past now, I never showed off the hat I knit for him. Double thick to keep the wind off his ears. some of my handspun in there, too. I wanted to embroider a salmon on the front, but my instinct told me it would be too flashy, and when asked he admitted it would.
I really haven’t made a whole lot for the man. He is rather understated, and doesn’t want much that he can’t throw in the washer, besides.

The inside of the hat, in which I attempt to get over my aversion to stranding:
the inside of Mark's birthday hat

The words refer to the Mingulay Boat Song, only it turns out ‘Isle A Ho’ isn’t in the lyrics. A mediocre example of a mondegreen, “a mis-hearing of a word or phrase in such a way that it aquires a new meaning.” (Except what would the new meaning be for the above? I shudder to think…)

new cuffs and a trip to the city

This is my first entry on the WordPress blog. I am tired of the limitations of livejournal (I want to participate in the things that need sidebar images!), so I will be moving over here, with a blogname change (as there is already a Handmade Life in the larger blogosphere.) I have hesitated about doing this for a long time, as I have a couple years of blog entries on livejournal and I didn’t want to lose them. I could export them to this blog, if I knew how to make an XML file, but I don’t, so I will be manually copying them over, a few entries at a time. So, new readers to this blog, you will be able to access the rich history of my crafty days, but slowly, slowly!

Here is my latest fo, a pair of knit cuffs for a swap. They turned out well! Although they a bit dull to knit (well, the trimmings are fun, of course.)
very showy

Yesterday I drove into Portland for a Glitter meetup. How I love the internet! (Sometimes.) I really love seeing the connections made manifest in real life.

We met at Mabel’s Knit Cafe which is a delight to spend several hours in. Yarn was purchased, patterns were perused, fos were ogled over. I saw examples of two of the projects I have considered over the years: eyelet from knitty, and the Sunrise Circle jacket from interweave press. I am particularly inspired to make this now that I have seen it in the flesh. The proprietress of Neither Hip nor Funky has made one and it is everything it ought to be. Very striking! More on that later.

Of course, a trip to Portland meant seeing the lovely Kate (represented here by her flickr page), with all the yarn giggling and BPAL chatter that we have become accustomed to. I got to see Kate’s shetland lace shawl which is so floaty, and besides, the yarn has quite a history between us. The skeins have been passed back and forth between us several times now. In fact, I took some of the extra home with me yesterday.

Since I am speaking of things passed between Kate and I. Here are a couple as-of-yet-unblogged examples. It’s about time I show them off!

I made a log cabin pillow for Kate’s hubby.

woods' log cabin
This project I have been meaning to do since Yule…

I am loving the different stories these fabrics have been a part of. Several of them are recurring, as a study of my log cabins will show.

And Kate made for me a thing that is small in size and HUMUNGOUS in spirit.
birthday present!
This pocket holds the music of Alela Diane, who is a wonderful song weaver. You can listen to some her music at her myspace page. (Sigh, myspace.)

One more photo to send you out.

coal fire
coal fire. It’s a good life.

We are all in a tizzy around here this evening, because today is Mark’s birthday, and tomorrow is mine. Everyone seems to be hiding in corners making presents. It is very thrilling!

I drove up the driveway this afternoon and this is what I saw:
It was a very strange thing, I felt as if I had walked back into another era. Sometimes I get time and place all mixed up. It is what I call timelessness…

We have four lambs in the field so far this year! Two singles and a set of twins. One of the twins has contracted tendons (she was born that way) and we have her legs wrapped to help stretch them out.
little greenlegs

Yesterday she got too much exercise and one of her legs was hot and swollen today. I wrapped it in cabbage leaf for a few hours to cool it and tomorrow I will poultice with potato. I think she will be fine, but we have to have her and her ma and sister penned in close and Paola, the mom, is not happy about it.

let little lambs lie

They are so cute!
so cute!

We have had lots of trouble with coyotes in the past, so the sheep only go out under Alice’s watchful eye these days. As it was last year. We didn’t lose any lambs to the wild dogs last season. Alice is a good shepherdess. all that will be over once she starts school, however.
We will enjoy it while it lasts.

gardening days are here!

dreams of home
I made a flickr mosaic! Some favorites recently seen by me.

Sewing and knitting no longer matter to me it seems; it’s time to get out in the garden!
I recieved my tiny order from Raintree Nursery: four Red Pearl lingonberries and two Blue Honeysuckles. I have them all planted out in their various spots. I also bought a really hot shit set of pruners, which I have been wanting for years, so I have been out cutting things back carefully and with much joy… I am not afraid to prune anymore! I used to agonize that I would impose my ignorant will on another being by pruning, but working in someone else’s garden last year helped me to relax about it. So I have, and subsequently I have pruned all the fruit trees we planted: Asian pear, Winter Banana apple, my amazing Shipova, which a cross between a Mountain Ash (rowan to you old world folk) and a pear. Also, I found my Aronia, Black Currant, and Currant/Gooseberry cross in amongst the berry vines…
It seems we won’t ever be lacking in Vitamin C around here!

With all the cuttings from these prunings, I want to start new plants. I don’t have any Rootone, and the willow hasn’t put out leaves here yet (how many of you know the trick of making a mash of new willow leaf growth and water, and soaking that which you wish to root in it? There is so much growth hormone in the willow that it stimulates root production…) but as I was pruning the Butterfly Bush, I felt strongly that it would act in the same as willow for this application. If you think about it, a stick of Buddleia will root wherever you stick it into the ground, much like willow. And there was just something about those leaf buds, I had to go ahead and make a Buddleia mash.

The Aronia cuttings are currently soaking in it (although those are bamboo support sticks in the picture). We’ll see if my intuition was correct. I want to get around those nursery prices…

throught the wonderful blog, Kinship in Color and Wool, I found a link to Sowing Seeds Outdoors in Winter. Not necessarily applicable in the PNW spring! But fascinating nonetheless, and I will be trying it next year.

Here are some more garden photos.

new growth on the fennel
This fennel seed came from the paved frontage road that led to my old neighborhood in Humboldt county. It’s called Maple Hills fennel (by me) and I am so very happy to have it in this garden! Fennel is one of my favorite plants and reminiscent of childhood.

a bit of lovage
This is lovage most wonderful herb beloved by swallowtail butterflies. Every year I find a caterpillar on it, but I never see the butterfly emerge. The birds must get the beast, so I keep planting more lovage in hopes that one year a swallowtail will grow in my garden!
You can use it in cooking, too, but is so strong. Put a few leaves in your tomatoes when you can them.

101 things in 1000 days

Note: Since I love making lists, I decided to participate in this 101 things in 1000 days game.
Deadline: Nov 25, 2010

Some of these items are rather immediate and will inevitably be replaced by similar, unforeseen craft projects. will they count as itemized tasks? Probably not. However, I couldn’t think of 100 tasks, so perhaps those eventual projects will fill the gaps. this is good for now. It will be edited.

1. finish aprons for ages-old swap
2. sew blanket from cut-out sweater squares
3. finish Sally & Roger’s afghan
4. make felt mary janes
5. tan a hide
6. make Audrey’s mittens
7. knit knee socks for alice
8. knit knee socks for myself -1
9. knit knee socks for myself -2
10. frame picture from paperbullet
11. frame picture from Prague
12. knit close-fitting cardigan for myself
13. knit sweater for james
14. participate in tie-one-on
15. knit Norwegian wrap shawl for Shanna
16. spin yarn for KC’s sweater
17. knit KC’s sweater
18. finish EZ yoked sweater
19. finish baby tights
20. knit 3 Perdita
21. mend Stan’s blue pants
22. make pants from above pair
23. ragg wool socks for Mark- find sweater, ravel it, knit socks, repeat
24. make “art tee shirt for Roger
25. finish alice’s ripple afghan
26-33. explore folk costume themes through dresses (x 8)
34. knit & full a kayak/kayaker doll
35. make EZ leggings for Alice
36. make EZ leggings for myself
37. knit cocoon shrug
38. learn to make welt pockets
39. sew Opal’s PJs
40. make simplicity 4122
41. make undies from tee-shirts
42. complete new address book

43. set up craft night 1x/month
44. set up games night 1x/month
45. have a radio show again!
46. have garage sale
47. have garage sale
48. research Food & Farm/ slow Food in Astoria, start group if needed
49. enroll in dance class and stay in it!
50. act in one production (at least)
51. have a gallery show
52. market bottle bags

53. buy water line
54. buy jumbo flyer and more bobbins for spinning wheel
55. one disc’s worth of new music/month
56. Mighty Boosh episodes/ radio show

57. study German deeply, 1 word/day
58. research Charette lineage
59. read Derrick Jensen’s End Game
60. Memorize the story The Twelve Dancing Princesses so I can tell it well
61. Learn one song/month. Inside & out

home & garden:
62. grow a bed of kale from seed
63. plant lingonberries
64. plant blue honeysuckle
65. brew 4 batches of beer
66. brew batch of root beer from scratch
67. completely declutter by end of 1000 days
68. move to Astoria
69. paint Margaret’s living room
70. rewire standing lamp
71. grow millet for birds
72. grow cumin
73. put up 12 cords firewood
74. grow a lemon tree
75. install water tank

76. Vancouver with Mark
77. Glittercon ’07 with Kate
78. visit Toronto
79. attend Fairy Congress at least once
80. attend Barter Faire at least once