mark's birthday hat

mark’s birthday hat
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Although his birthday is weeks past now, I never showed off the hat I knit for him. Double thick to keep the wind off his ears. some of my handspun in there, too. I wanted to embroider a salmon on the front, but my instinct told me it would be too flashy, and when asked he admitted it would.
I really haven’t made a whole lot for the man. He is rather understated, and doesn’t want much that he can’t throw in the washer, besides.

The inside of the hat, in which I attempt to get over my aversion to stranding:
the inside of Mark's birthday hat

The words refer to the Mingulay Boat Song, only it turns out ‘Isle A Ho’ isn’t in the lyrics. A mediocre example of a mondegreen, “a mis-hearing of a word or phrase in such a way that it aquires a new meaning.” (Except what would the new meaning be for the above? I shudder to think…)

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  1. (golly, this is magic. I come to comment, and lo, one of my identities exists here..)..I think obviously the mis-remembered words mean “O! Look!!! Over there…little island!!! come visit me!!”
    Beautiful hat, btw. I admire your skill with real life stuff tremendously.

  2. Isle of Whores, I suspect.


    I used to sing that song in a Previous Life, when I sang in Irish pubs for a living.

    Bugger me if I can remember the words to it now, though.

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