casting about for a purpose

I am doing everything in my power not to whine today.
Some days I am overwhelmed by what feels like a lack of vision. What motivates me to create? I ask myself this on a daily basis. There are ways in which the answer does not matter; I have a certain amount of maintanence that I have to perform, on the home, on my projects. For these tasks I don’t need Motive.
It is the projects and ideas that are not tethered to function that baffle me.

french knot work

This is all a function of stretching to achieve more than what is immediately within my grasp.

3 thoughts on “casting about for a purpose”

  1. I understand about the baffle. But they’re often the things I am most attracted to in other people’s work.

    It a Pure Art thing. You’re doing it for a reason, only you don’t know what it is yet. An expression of something you’re trying to grasp. My favourite. But I always feel indulgent and stupid, when I do it myself.

    I’m working on a baby jumper, I couldn’t help it, I just had to do it.

    No babies in my life, anywhere, at the moment.

    Go figure.

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