new old house!

But first, a kid moment.
Opal had a friend over today and they were having a grand time chasing the big sister.
They came up to me and O said, “Mommy, have you seen Alice?”
Me: “No. Have you?”
O: “No. We want to find her so we can drive her out of all Brittania.”


Here is the house I am going to be moving into this summer.
my new house...

I am very very excited.
Now, I have to say, moving back to town is going to be a bit weird. I have lived in the country for 12 years, and we are talking the American West. There is a lot of open space here, and there is a lot of Wildness. How am I going to adapt to living in town? where will I find the untamed space? Granted it is Astoria, where the wind will blow your flesh right into your Dreaming.
I guess I asked to be a bridge builder. So now I will practice bridging the gap between town and country.
Urbanruralferal, baby!

4 thoughts on “new old house!”

  1. what a wonderful looking house :) i’m the opposite, love town, love being able to walk to everything i need. hyperventilate at even the thought of living in the middle of nowhere. good luck with the move.

  2. Oh good gods, I want to move in with you. Please? And we can start our yarn store?

    Chase her out of all Brittania–Hilarious!

  3. Wow, I love this house. It is like something from a children’s book (actually, I think I know exactly the children’s book it is of the books by Enright, maybe the Saturdays?).
    Or perhaps from Green Knowe…
    As to the tag, you challenged me to answer where the name of my blog came from (it’s over on blogspot, outside the windows..well, actually I have two, one called that and another called simply jarvenpa’s notebooks, which is surely self explanatory: the stuff that I list, that I save. The equivalent of your stashes of fabric, perhaps.
    But outside the windows..a very simple explanation, my computer faces the main street in this little town, and at first I thought–I will describe what passes. And then, what enters. And then..well, aren’t our eyes the windows to our souls? So..everything. Opal is looking so beautiful and so grown up!

  4. although..thinking of jarvenpa’s notebooks..not fully self explanatory, because where did the odd name come from? Pronounced “yar VEN pa” it is a variant of the name of my mother’s mother, who came from Finland, and who died the year before my birth but has always been a presence.

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