and some thrift scores.

new cup

new dishes

new plate

How I love my eclectic assortment of dishes.
I have the most casual collection of restaurant china. There are certain patterns that are recurring in my life, but none that I specifically seek out. Of course, if you were to run across any of this:
palm leaf
I wouldn’t mind if you sent it me!

Here is a thought provoking post from Cosy. It gave me pause, and during the pause, I remembered a wee manifesto I had written a couple years ago. So I went ahead and moved it over to this blog.
I have been slow in moving over the archives from my live journal but they are all over there if you really must know.

Did I not mention dirt? well, here it is:

When I moved to this house I had dreams of gardening, but I quickly realized that there was no soil to speak of in the backyard, the place where my garden must be. The people who put this trailer in 30 years ago had scraped off all the topsoil to make a space, and the only dirt that wasn’t strange sandy clay was all contained in the thin layer of sod. I set about to make dirt where there was none, a task that requires patience and taxes loving but more orderly partners.
Cardboard, manure, straw, rags, sand, layers and layers of these elements put down when I had them, no science involved.
This is the first year I am really feeling like my garden is worthy of that name.
A chaotic approach pays off!

One more thing to play catch up over the last few days.
I snuck in a project for myself; I was attempting to make the most unique head scarf with a pieced border (as my hair is getting long and I have to accept it) but the darn thing was too thick at the corners and wouldn’t tie.
small tablecloth
So now it is called a small tablecloth and for sale. What else am I going to with it? It is pretty enough though.

5 thoughts on “dirt”

  1. You give me hope for my dirt! 100 years of juvenile feet, pounding the clay into a cement-like surface… two years ago my husband swung a pick into the ground and had to bend down close to try and see where it hit! Now we’ve got a patch that will grow sturdy root vegetables. But you are so smart with the cardboard, of which there is always plenty here – should I rip it up small and dig it in with the compost?

  2. i love to make dirt and the smell of horse shit, ahhhhh. love the dishes, i collect them too, no two alike in my kitchen.

  3. Your dirt is lovely! I’m going to start incorporating rags and cardboard into my dirt-making patch. (this is greenbean btw)

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