new kayak in the works

mark's greenland kayak

Mark is building a boat.
Because he only has 10. and I guess he needs 11.
I’m terribly proud of him, of course.

kayak mosaic

(click to see these photos more closely)

5 thoughts on “new kayak in the works”

  1. thats amazing stuff. Very talented man you have there. Tell him he can do the woodwork around the house too 😉

  2. that’s ok my husband has decided to build a plane. this will be his first of course. i will refrain from commenting further….

  3. wow….gorgeous frame …husbands that build boats and planes, what talent…maybe I’ll suggest feagin built a motorbike (he’s been contemplating getting one in order to have a more fuel efficient mode of travel), my boy’s talents seem focused on fixing machines or things that break and fortunately for me cooking…

  4. Those scallopy blue sox are gorgeous. We have bear prints on our car, and bears back around the cabin. Goldilocks in reverse. love to you and your darlings.

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