My life is intensely social, now I am in town. Still, my creative side has been pouring into relatively slow-moving projects (read: socks). I sometimes find myself hankering after a more dynamic element, collaborative undertakings. For inspiration, I can visit such sites as that of the Yard Dogs Road Show, a group of performers whom I met 8 or so years ago when they were still putting on shows under a different name…
Their aesthetic is pretty exciting to me, given a certain story I like to tell about myself, although I do have issues with the burlesque (and that’s another story, dear reader), and I strongly suspect that my next phase of life is going to contain its fair share of stage moments.
Collaboration is occurring, sneaking up on me, perhaps, or rather, flowing unplanned out of my new found friendships, and also out of the theatrical/performance-oriented swirl of activities that surround me here. Some of these collaborations are not mine, but those of the kids. Last night was another Acoustic Junction at the Blue Scorcher Bakery, and a raucous scene it was, with one song in which almost all the performers sat in, Opal included, not to mention the three year olds winding their ways around the space in impromptu dances, and spilling out onto the sidewalk after whooping adults… I even sang a song, which was a bit of a leap for me. (And subsequently I received a beautiful compliment on my voice, thanks Paul Hoskin.)
I know, too, that there are going to be as many costuming opportunities as I am willing to let into my life. I am opening the door slowly, it is creaking ajar, somewhat reluctant, needing oil perhaps, but I imagine that once I get a taste of the party that is going on in the room behind that door, my enthusiasm will provide the needed lubricant for those rusty hinges.
In the meantime, today, I will work on socks, but also spent a couple of the hours before work setting up the sewing machine and making a little something for myself, not telling what, yet, not ’til I’ve done it…

Off to costume!

5 thoughts on “collaboration”

  1. Ah, you are back with pictures and news. And such lovely pictures. Here the leaves are falling; the birch against the bookstore building yellow against gray. Almost makes me tolerate the gray. Love to you and the girls.

  2. yeah you are back to the blogosphere. you were missed. with a sort of ‘new life’ at least a new set of circumstances and opportunities- lots of exciting things. nice to ‘hear’ your voice is back in the stream and see you evolving work. despite whatever reservations you have regarding opal’s camera it’s doing a good job. lovely pictures.

  3. hi, this is Shannon’s husband, Mark. I’m sure she will blog again as soon as possible, but Sunday night her house was destroyed by fire, along with almost everything in it. The computer is gone, so it may be a bit before that gets established again

    Shannon and the girls escaped without injury; just so you all know, everyone is OK. But for now they are living in the holiday inn and looking for a new house or apartment. I’m sure they will be flooded with donations of things, so if you want to help, a donation to the red cross would be appropriate for those folks far away from us geographically. The red cross was there at 8:30 the next morning with clothing help and a free hotel room. They have been great.

    If you want to mail anything to Shannon, best to send it to my address for now:

    PO Box 224, Skamokawa, WA 98647

    as the Astoria address is no longer a good one.

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