fire pictures

This was my craft and textile library.

my bed
This was my bed, and my beloved window. I used to wake every morning to the sun’s rise reflected on downtown Astoria. That last night I woke (at 3 am) to the smell of smoke and the backyard all a-glow, cozy crackling and the sight of sparks coming off the side of the house…

The refrigerator. The kitchen was hardest hit. You can see the ladder behind the fridge that is being used to get upstairs. The stairs burned through.

There are few more pictures on my flickr. I am hoping to move beyond all this soon, but truth be told, I have been having hard days lately…

7 thoughts on “fire pictures”

  1. only just found your blog, what a shock to see this as the first post. my heart goes out to you, i can’t imagine what you must feeling, so much loss, I cried to read about your pets. Thank heavens you and your children survived, YEY to the fire dept. And yey to your husband (partner? sorry, new to the blog) for the tips on making homes fire safe, something so many of us are guilty of not do enough of.

    I’m deeply sorry that you have lost your beautiful home and possesions, and though I don’t know you, I would like, some time in the future when you are settled in a new home, to send you a little artwork as a step towards gathering a new collection for future years. Not the same as what you lost, I know, but just a gesture from a stranger in hard times.

    If you ever want to take me up on the offer someway down the line, leave a message on my blog reminding me who you are (my memory is rubbish) and we’ll sort something out.

    Best wishes to you and your family.

  2. my junior year in high school my younger brother and sister unwittingly set my parent’s house on fire. while the fire damage itself was contained to their bedroom, their was smoke and water damage throughout the house – we were out for months. a horrible experience. then after college, i moved into this really great apartment. that monday, bought myself a new bed. came home from work friday afternoon to discover a downstairs neighbor’s apartment had caught fire and had moved upstairs and into the apartment next to mine as well as mine. things that i had salvaged from the first fire were gone. all of my things were smoke damaged. i had an appt the following monday to get my renter’s insurance. needless to say, i lived out of my car and on friend’s sofas for a few months until i could get back on my feet.
    it can be completely overwhelming. hang in there. it gets better. i promise.

  3. Oh, the bed and that beautiful window! I will always remember the night you let Woods and I sleep there, waking up to the sound of sea lions on the shore. Sigh. It’s hard, love, let it be hard.

  4. Hey lady, I just checked in on you and saw this post.
    My deepest wishes for you not to be sad and haunted by what was lost, be thankful you and your daughter werent harmed.

    Hugs and vibes of comfort to you miss go-fish ^_^


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