kayak afternoon

I’m back…
I just processed a few photos I took a week or two ago down at the foot of the bridge that crosses the Mighty Big river (call it Columbia if you will). Mark and some friends had gone out to surf the clapotis (no, it’s not just a scarf) and I wanted to see if I could capture some of the fun with my new camera.

three boats



now there’s a happy Mark.

more on my flickr.

I do think I will start in on the 365 days diary. I have been enjoying pictures that much.

3 thoughts on “kayak afternoon”

  1. Shannon,
    I’m back in the swing of things, back into reading blogs, back into posting, and I’m glad to see that you are too. I’ve thought a lot about you & your family since I first heard about the fire.
    Your kayaking pictures are wonderful!

  2. shannon – welcome back to the blogosphere and the cyberhood. I just checked in and see you are back!!I have caught up a little. and will completely catch up when there’s more time.

    that fire – so awful and traumatic. I hope you were comforted in knowing that lots of friends – known and unknown had you and yours in our hearts and thoughts.

    great pictures. to dancing and peace.

    may 2008 be trauma free!

    namaste, mouse

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