day off

from work that is. I am feeling a bit dragged down by this cold, which I have not been babying. As much if not a bit more beer drinking than usual these days. ah, the perils of working in a pub…
We have an old Martin Mull comedy record with a funny bit about how to meet musicians if you want to start a band or something. In the sheet music store of course! Then they launch into 2001 Polkas…
anyway, my recent trips to Joann fabrics have been much like this. The last two forays into that mega-store, to buy thread et al, have resulted in fantastic visits with fellow stitchers that have led to home visits and even stash reduction! I have been going through my fire damaged yarn and fabric stashes, and the whole lot needs some serious culling. I guess more was saved than I had originally thought, but really, I am working, ever working, towards greater selectivity.
Good-bye, kidsilk haze!

I was framing pictures yesterday but didn’t have my camera with me. (I so rarely do.) Last night I got home from work and found my camera in my bed. I guess when I laid down for an afternoon nap, I took it up with me, as if I would find moments that begged to be snapped! Anyway, I’m about due for another long perusal through soph’s stitch blog in search of more photo tutorials. Her DIY art and photography schools are truly an invaluable resource. Mmmm, and she sent me a lovely mix cd post fire, too. Thanks, Soph!

Speaking of thanks, I must publicly acknowledge receipt of a lovely addition to our family, from jude of Spirit Cloth. this little fellow!

It rode around with me in my pocket for weeks after it’s arrival.

Sunday was an amazing dance day in Portland at Performance Works Northwest. We were doing further work on the Tuning Score. Lisa Nelson, who developed this means of exploration, is coming for an intensive in not too long…
Sunday’s whole experience deserves a lengthy elaboration, one that I do not have the inclination for in this moment. I should like to get back and make a post about it soon. Perhaps I will.

Here is a postcard for you all.

4 thoughts on “day off”

  1. aw thanks for kind words shannon. good to see you blogging again :) my photography stuff has a new home now at click, i hope it’s still accessible there – the writing’s tucked away behind the pictures, but i do keep meaning to put a search box in. anyway rule #1 in soph’s camera school (lolol) is CARRY IT EVERYWHERE (i cheat and use my cameraphone quite often) consider your wrist well and truly slapped 😀

  2. sweet bear!

    I have often thought that it would be good to have my camera in bed with me as the kitties are often so sweet when they pile up on the bed – especially these days when we’re having ‘4 cat nights’

    I’m working through being angry at joann’s and looking for another source to buy thread. seems as joann has gone from carrying coats thread (part poly, part cotton) made in the usa to carrying only coats thread made in third world countries that is 100% polyester. my last visit to joann’s had me bonding with two other quilters who shared my rage against the machine!


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