a memory leads to a sweater

fortunes told 1.

On my recent trip to Santa Barbara I unearthed this photo from my dad’s collection. My mother, with my childhood gypsy fortune teller, circa 1969-ish.
Given that I was in my childhood home and therefore imbued with a certain visceral sense of recollection, I was deeply moved by this. It embodies a bit of the atmosphere that I grew up in. So much magic, so much possibility!

I started mulling over what kind of alchemy do I want to do in my life; it used to seem clear, and yet these days, as my level of contentment grows, I don’t feel much need to manipulate the world to suit my ends. Hmmm. What came to mind, strangely enough perhaps, was the idea (not for the first time, but with a new urgency) of making striped sweaters, seamless, rugged, country, hippie even. Is this a manifestation of some “earth magic?” I think so.
So I started this:
magic stripes

But today, I am working on the endless sideways knitted border of the pi shawl.


Almost done.

3 thoughts on “a memory leads to a sweater”

  1. what an evocative picture! it’s great to see inspiration that really is inspired (rather than just loosely copying someone else’s work, which seems to be how most people use the word). taking a memory, a feeling, and turning it into something substantial is a kind of magic i reckon. lovely colours too :)

  2. Shannon,

    Big hug from Salmon Creek. I miss you all (especially Alice–although after so long I probably wouldn’t recognize her). Mark found my blog looking up the Mendo fires and I followed him back looking for you all. I actually have a picture of Alice up on my blog (sometime in March I think-I’ve tried to find it but couldn’t because I didn’t identify her by name).

    I’m listing you both on my bloglist because I know many people down here would love to know how you all are doing.

    I’m sure Alice doesn’t remember me but I’ll never forget her. Give her my love. She has a warm spot in my heart.

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