photos from the art opening

I have some work hanging in a show curated by Roger Hayes, the venue is the Cannon Beach Arts Association.

meander 1
(here is a larger view.)

Alice at the opening.

My good friend Sally Lackaff, standing in front of one of Roger’s paintings.

Roger is brilliant, and I was honored that I was invited to be a part of this show.

It is a beautiful sunny day here at the mouth of the Mighty Big river.

4 thoughts on “photos from the art opening”

  1. Shannon, I enjoyed seeing what you are up to. Having your art in a gallery is a big deal. I’m impressed.

    Please tell Alice how beautiful she is.

  2. BTW, Clay recognized her right away even though I didn’t say anything other than “do you recognize her?”

  3. Shannon! It was Alice’s photo that sunk it in for me; I’d no idea YOU were the “five gallon bucket”… I can thank Kym’s blog for the link and my own insomnia for the time to follow it….how wonderful to find you and see how beautifully you’re living now. I think of you so often, especially in lonely knitting moments, and so miss your magical family. I hope you’re all as happy as you look!


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