a box and a book

Blog as journal.  Blog as organizational tool. Blog as archive.  Blog as command center.  Yes!

My favorite gift received this holiday season:

when what I wanted most was fiber and containers.  Perfect!

Recent book acquisition: The Art of Embroidery by Françoise Tellier-Loumagne. It was while perusing this book that I decided to use my blog once more, as a sort of workbook. A place to continue documenting my journey through the world of fiber art. Perhaps it is winter weather keeping me inside, off my bike, stitching and slowly revisiting the internet.
I have everything to learn about composition!

4 thoughts on “a box and a book”

  1. I got that book a few months ago…picked it up and bought it because of the beautiful pictures and it was a great bonus when it turned out to be a brilliant wealth of information ,and ideas too.

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