kitchen in winter

my training is progressing nicely. Yoga again today, and some attention paid to diet over the last week.
I spent a wonderful afternoon in the kitchen, allowing my heart to choose ingredients. I made a lovely pot of greens and beef enough to last for three days. And I can wait patiently to try this winter pickle, with onions, yellow beet, and dried nettle. In a hot pepper brine reused from a friend’s pickle that I was saving.

winter pickle

There hasn’t been much stitching going on, but lots of play, lots of dance, and good company this week!

4 thoughts on “kitchen in winter”

  1. Shannon: it’s so good to see you as creative as ever! I commented on the art gallery post, but I realized later that it was dated from last summer. I only just found you here (there?) tonight and wanted you to know how you’re all missed in Salmon Creek.

    Hope to see you if you ever drop down this way again (maybe we can get you around canning season….those pickled onions look GOOD).


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