romney fleece and a scritchy future

romney cross fleece

a friend gave me this romney cross fleece a while back, and I finally washed it.  I have been dyeing and spinning BFL roving almost exclusively, which is awesome for immediacy (and for user friendly capitalist pursuits), but my lowdown mission statement is really more about creating spirit rich garments from raw materials, sourced as directly from the producer as possible.  Wool like this falls under that category.  It is, however, coarse, primitive if you will, time-consuming to work (each lock needs to be flicked open individually), and ultimately brings me closer to a lifestyle of “voluntary simplicity,” i.e., using less and connecting intimately with the things that I do use.  The goal for this is a very hairy sweater for my husband, which, in the end, I am not sure if he will wear.  Or I could make a bomber rain-proof capelet and line it velvet.  hee hee…

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