I can’t sit at this desk for five minutes longer! so I’ll take four, and show you some new things.

a kids hat.

cuffs! With some of my best old buttons!


Oh, I have to get up! and knit more. I am averaging a hat a day these days. Last Thursday tomorrow.

Oh my god, some go buy these for me now, please!

They are from cosy knit’s etsy shop. They are the best thing I have seen in awhile. For true.

I have been having great times putting together my etsy shop. Still. Ongoing. I made a very funky lightbox yesterday from some foamboard that was headed to the dumpster at work. I knew I would find a use for it! Dumpster diving pays off again…

so I can take better photos now. Yay!
Check out this item listing for an example.
I’m serious, (my loathing of) taking pictures has effectively put me off selling online for ages. If I can get over that, it will be a major step.

So, funny story. Opal (10 yrs) has been taking “beauty lessons” from one of the popular girls at school. Instigated by the other girl, I’m sure. first tips were “To be popular you have to wear white socks.” Huh? I guess that explains why I never made the cut. Oh, and, “have your hair cut by a professional.” Yeah, O cuts her own hair. Regularly.
so anyway, I thought that she had sort of stopped getting the lessons when the other girl wouldn’t walk with Opal cause “she isn’t popular enough.” I urged Opal to reconsider whether or not she wants to aspire to someone with those obvious prejudices. But apparently there has still been instruction happening because O came home yesterday and said, “I’m going to stop getting the beauty lessons from Sidney. She said black has to be my favorite color cause she says she’s a Goth.” ??? Then O says, “I asked her if she had heard of Gothic Lolita. She would look really good in that style.” !!!
Go Opal! You rock, kid!
and then she goes to school today wearing magenta,orange and yellow shorts, a multi-colored tee, with a red sweatshirt, purple floral tights and blue jelly shoes. Amazing!

Alice, on the other hand, came in yesterday from shepherding and happily sat down to darn a sock! have you ever met such a 13 year old?

Okay, this was just a brief interlude to show off Cosy’s mitts. Talk to you all soon.

working hard…

or hardly working?
definitely the first, although I get to work at exactly what I like! For the most part anyway.

so, I finished this jewelry board just now, had to come over and show it off!

Okay so I had to totally tweak the brightness/contrast on that…
Pieces of an old wool sweater for the black, padded with rag, red flannel for the back, everything lashed down over a double cardboard base, and propped up with a antler (found at a garage sale), which is in turn supported by a little buckskin construction!
whew! My inner hippie is damn pleased. and maybe not so inner, now that we are out of water. Feeling mighty grubby these days. heh heh

Now I was directed to this tutorial about making nifty plastic laminate out of hdpe bags, so I gave it a try. Wouldn’t you know I sure didn’t have very many bags?!! and I don’t throw them away, either. I guess I have been using my cloth bags for awhile. In fact, I am still using a cornstarch based bag that I got from Sonni in 2005 when I visited her in Germany.
Anyway, here’s what I made:

(There are fabric scraps in there. And it is kind of slumped for this fast foto.) This will be a gift for a special someone, once it has taken on form.
I now have an order from Opal for a rain hat. I will need someone to give me some bags first!

Not bad for being only 2:30pm. I guess it is worth getting up at 7:30. Hmmmph, tomorrow will be earlier than that. School is starting! Guess I better run.

a couple pics in passing

I have finally shown that I am commited to my “quasi-nomadic sales future” by putting some time into my display.
I made this table tent:

which needs hemmed
and here is detail:

did you all see the competition on whipup’s whiplash? It was reconstructed clothing this month…My favorite was corpgoth
This was my second fave: not a boring blazer
tied with this: back to school

and while I was looking around I saw this: blue sky waxwork at art esprit
Love it.

Opal wants me to tell you her favorite music for the month is Duran Duran, specifically Girls on Film. sigh. I have only myself to blame for that.
I have been going in for elizabethan songs by John Dowland, myself.

Recycling as a form of Service

I do this from time to time…

I wanted to take a minute to document why I feel compelled to spend time recycling and refreshing cast off clothing items. It is somewhat a mission for me, as anyone who knows me is aware, and it was articulated for a moment in my mind, lined up nice and easy, so let’s see if can get it right here.

I really do believe that all matter has Spirit. From the moment an object or an event is first conceived of, it begins to become real.
Let’s use a sweater as an example. At first it is just an inkling, a whisper of manifestation, a mere vision of what could be, but if that vision is pursued, the idea builds up force around it like a shell, and the construction of the physical has begun!
First there has to be a pattern found, or made up. Then the wool must be had for the project. Perhaps it will be handspun, perhaps it will be purchased. After that there will be tests run, gauges checked, rows knit, and ripped back. Then the hours of knitting begin. And then finally, the careful poring over of the finishing details. If the original idea is followed through to the end result, the sweater, there has been an act of Creation.
Now, that sweater does not exist in an energetic vacuum. Rather, it is infused with the intention that drove the knitter to its creation. More than that, I would say. I would suggest that the energy that was held in the mind (and hands) of the knitter is as much a part of the garment as the wool that it is fabricated from.
This is indeed an Alchemy.

Having said that, I can specifically address:
Recycling as a form of Service.
Let’s say you go down to your local thrift store on bag day, on the day before they send a bunch of stuff to the rag pickers or the dump or wherever old clothes go when they haven’t sold. This is the end of the consumer line for most of these items.
You stand there among all these orphans, and you ask yourself, what is the history of these items? What are their stories? Each of them have one! Each of them went through the alchemical process described above. Except in the case of most of these shirts and pants and dresses, the Driving Force behind their creation was profit. And the materials that went into them were not lovingly called forth out of a handful of cotton seeds, but more likely sprayed with innumerable poisons, and picked perhaps by humans who did the work with resignation. And then, the fiber was sent…somewhere… to be milled and woven automatically. And in the flurry of this creative process, the next step was for the fabric to be shipped somewhere to be “assembled” by someone whose life was not touched by the individual spirit of the item. Who knows what energy the assemblers stitched into the thing? What thoughts they thought while making it? Then the piece of clothing goes off to the big box store where it is sold for cheap cheap cheap, as cheap as can be or no one will buy it, because how many shop out of Respect rather than out of Vanity?
Finally, it ends up on the rack of the thrift store, and it is full of all that, and more, if my imagined scenario is correct.
That’s what I am thinking when I stand there in that thrift store, or at that rummage sale on free day, or at the clothing bank holding a bag of discards in my hand.
This is where the Service aspect comes into it. I want to give those orphans a new lease on life! I want to work a little transformative magic on them! I want to bring a couple of them home with Respect and Love and say,
“hey you! I value you. I see a way that you can live on a little bit longer! How about a little embellishment and some fresh energy? Do you want to play?”
And so I do.

If we lift up the individuals, the Whole will rise to its feet. Maybe even more than that! Maybe it will fly!