Setting the stage

Lately I have been experiencing different things with my vision. A different sort of depth perception. It is very interesting, although a little unnerving while driving.

Cameras don't catch it. Thanks be for filters!


On Sunday I brought the quilt I finished for little Bobby into work. I literally like to set the stage on Sunday mornings for the evening performance. This week, I left the quilt on stage all day, periodically pulling folks over to look at my handiwork. (Not real modest, me.)

I wasn't able to go to the show that night, but apparently all parties concerned were pleased and decided to hang it on the stage!

Upon seeing the above photo, I was immediately able to articulate something I haven't before nailed down, and that is: As a dancer, I am really familiar with a certain form of audience participation. The energy raised while interpreting the story being told by the band, through the the geometry of nerve, muscle, and bone. That sort of involvement is fleeting, even as it is very real.

I have been clearing and preparing the stage at work, both physically and energetically, for a while now, and I am interested in taking that a little further, when appropriate, through a sort of set design, the sort seen above. A kind of enhancement. A little co-creation.

Don't worry, I'm not going to dress the stage at the Fort George Brewery every week! *chuckles nervously and backs away…*