sunset sky roving

I have been aware of an upcoming transition for a couple of months now. In light of A’s inevitable departure (she must go out to seek her Fortune!) there is an incredibly exciting opportunity to make some carefully considered changes in the way my life is structured.
It’s starting to take shape. Pieces falling into place and all that…
I do not want to commit details to writing, not quite yet, although my commitment is very real. I just need to communicate directly with my landlord first, and there is still time.
I can say that this new year has seen an increases in my self-advocacy, and that I am allowing myself to choose what kind of work I really want to focus on, and let go of that which doesn’t make me soar inside.
Sunday market booth this year! Yay!


I have the internet at my home again. I have a lot to share; this life is even more of an adventure then ever.

Alice and I visited B’ not too long ago and played some hurdy gurdy.

I went back yesterday with my new friend Moss and I got to try my hand at one of the instruments again. They are tuned to one key (at any given time) so there are no “wrong” notes. These boxes that B’ is building are small and yet so resonant.
Yesterday was a pretty magical day all around. It is not often that I meet someone with whom I effortlessly share a vocabulary. It makes it possible to have a deep conversation without a lot of the introductory footwork. This is relatively exhausting and so best done in small doses.

Winter afternoons in this town are quite beautiful.

downtown astoria winter afternoon

When the gray of the water and of the water-in-the-sky match each other in such a way it can be quite breathtaking.

I am on the air tonight, and every other Thursday from 11pm-1am PST. You can stream it live so please tune me in sometime.

Merry meet!


I quit smoking.
It has been 5+ weeks since I made the decision to do so and quit (although I had a 7-cigarette relapse), and much of my energy since then has gone into finding new habits to fill the neural pathways that Tobacco built.
Exercise has been key.
And I decided to start blogging again! I liked blogging, you know? But I convinced myself that I had no time, no time for the writing, for the photo processing, for reading other blogs. No time for maintaining those relationships that I had spent several years developing.

I even turned off the internet at my house!

And so, after a while, I felt like I had been away from the web world so long that I couldn’t come back. But that just ain’t true!

I am still not in the habit of writing again; I am just making my back home by sniffing the path for the long-ago-devoured bread crumbs, but you gotta start somewhere, so before I head home to watch the commentary on the Runaways movie with Opal (she has seen it twice already, but Joan Jett is alive in that girl’s heart…) I am going to post a few photos that were taken since I posted here last.

(It’ll give me some practice using the new flickr set-up too.)

One from Alice:
cirque du soleil tents

One from Opal:

and me signing off!

I will never jump off a rooftop but

My friend Kris at the Bike Garage here in Astoria told me about Parkour today.

I spent some time on the balance board after that; it’s raining so hard, and sideways at that, I can’t conceive of bike riding but I have goals, yes I have goals. I know I am older than some, and a bit old to be discovering my inner athlete (and let me tell you that bones heal slower at 40 than 20, as I found out skateboarding a few months back…) I have mentioned proprioception before however, and I can’t shake that fascination. It’s in me deep.

So, training begins.
I am going to yoga tomorrow.
Finally, after much procrastination. I even bought a mat! And I had to make a bag for it tonight. Of course!
bag for mat
oh for a nice crisp picture…

Yeah, it’s flooding out in Skamokawa! here’s a photo and a post. Thanks Mark. Glad I’m not there!

I think I will start a new feature: the Daily Discovery. Today’s was clearly Parkour!
good night!