nest box quilt finished

I finished the nest box quilt last night.


pretty excited about this finish! This quilt cemented the bond between my Juki TL 2010q and I.


See, it looks like it is having fun! I love my new machine. I think it’s spirit animal is a donkey. That is a good thing.

Back to the quilt:
I got inspired to make it after checking out the book Japanese Quilt Inspirations from my library several times.
This quilt was especially fun because every 6″ square was a small study in color combination.


Once the 88 squares were finished (during a house-sitting gig for a friend, on her machine which I named October Storm for the fact that it sounded like howling wind. I could not find any oil for that poor thing anywhere there…) I laid them out while listening to Get The Knack. Layout took one-and-a-half sides, of the album, that is.

The backing fabric was dear to me, and hard to use up for this job, but it really was perfect for the quilt. I tell you, though, I have been to the fabric store three times to purchase this print, it is so versatile and perfect for my emerging quilt design style, although it is hard to tell in this photo how cool it is. Now I think it is gone, that was the last of it.

nest box quilt back

While putting the finishing touches on this quilt, I thought a bit about quilt labeling. You see, this quilt is going to be sold this weekend to a work friend, who is giving to a friend of her’s who is a new mom. It is advised that one label one’s quilts, especially if you are in the business of selling them, for obvious marketing purposes. The more I thought about it, though, the weirder it seemed that I would put my name on an object that hopefully will become an artifact of a person’s childhood. It is their privilege to make it fully their own. So, no label, but I will make a hang tag with business name and website…

So, yeah, this finished project is linked to AmandaJean’s and Sarah’s Friday Finish posts.