what’s happening in the spring around here

Mark and I went on a very wet walk, me to pick nettles, which I did. Everything is pushing upward, outward, flowing as it does every spring. It’s so exciting!

I always pick my nettles barehanded. The sensation of tingling in my fingertips is something I have come to look forward to each year. One year I picked so many, I could feel the pins and needles all the way into my wrists. That may have been a bit too much…

here’s a happy nettle before she went over the flame:
fresh nettle tops

and the spring that flows near the nettle patch, but only on the rainiest of days:
That hole in the ground is where the water comes out! I find this mystery to be almost scary, in a way.

here is the osoberry blooming. When I was in Portland last week, the oso was done, the trilliums were finished, everything there is a couple weeks ahead of us, it seems. And the forests are covered in ivy…
osoberry in bloom

one more picture, of the alder logs we have cut. we are waiting for the shiitake spawn to arrive, and then we will inoculate and crib them. we have good luck with shiitake here, since we found a strain that produces well without being intensively watered.
alder logs for shiitake cultivation

Okay, that’s all for today. I have to go serve beer in a couple of hours.